Tonight In Food TV: Michelle Obama Guest Stars On Life After Top Chef Season Finale

After a full season, we learned that Life After Top Chef was actually pretty bleak. Or exactly like life during Top Chef, which is to say bleak. Between restaurant opening drama, Spike and Jen’s tragic non-love-affair, Blais trying in his lovably neurotic way to balance work and family, and Fabio’s lonely In-N-Out car binges, we’re not entirely sure we want to see another season of Top Chef’s most successful alums pursue their dreams. But, the Magical Elves know how to end with a bang.

On tonight’s season finale, First Lady Michelle Obama will make an appearance to judge a Top Chef-esque charity competition with Tom Colicchio. As part of a Let’s Move campaign event, Blais, Jen, Fabio, and Spike pair up with middle schoolers to compete in a cooking challenge, which will prove healthy foods delicious once and for all. Check out a sneak peek below and tune into Bravo tonight at 9pm to watch.

Then at 10pm, Top Chef: Seattle contestants will hack apart these preposterously large sides of beef hanging on meat hooks to try and make delicious things out of them. Watching the clip below is worth it just to see how long it takes Carla and Josie to get their meat off the hook.

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