WATCH: Cast of Life After Top Chef Plays Shag/Marry/Kill

We found a few of last night’s Watch What Happens Live viewer questions really overwhelming. To wit: a caller inquired whether there was any credibility to a ludicrous rumor regarding an alleged affair between Jen Carroll and her mentor, the happily married, sweet, gentle, faithful Eric Ripert, who has never had a vengeful or otherwise malicious thought in his whole life. Come on.

Jen quickly (and uncomfortably) denied any validity to the claims, and confirmed that she and Sandra, Eric’s wife, are friends, and that she knows his son. Now could everyone stop applying Real Housewives logic to Top Chef?

Much more fun was the heated game of Shag, Marry, or Kill that all the Life After Top Chef-ers were subjected to. Jen played with her male co-guests (answers: shag Fabio Viviani, marry Spike Mendelsohn, kill Richard Blais), while the boys were left to choose between Padma Lakshmi, Gail Simmons, and Dana Cowin. There were burns. Oh, were there burns. Check out the clip below.

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