LISTEN: Jay Rayner Rants About The Seasonality ‘Food Warriors’

Are you sleepy and tired and looking for something to kick you in the face this morning? How about a shot of Jay Rayner, reading aloud from his new book A Greedy Man In A Hungry World ? Seriously, there’s nothing like righteous indignation about the hypocrisies of pro-seasonality moral warriors, yelled in a British accent, to jump-start your day and pump (clap) you up!

On a serious note, Rayner points out that a one-size-fits-all approach to sustainability will not only alienate a majority of eaters, but also prevents a “case-by-case” approach to solving certain problems. Take, for instance, apples — which Brits have been eating out of season for millenia, but a seasonalite would demand we stop eating for five months out of the year. “Arguing for a bunch of principles that would make the Amish look like a bunch of happy-go-lucky, profligate sybarites may make a certain sort of gimlet-eyed, self-regarding food warrior feel smug and self-righteous,” he argues. “It may make them glow with an inner purity. ‘Feel my deep well of virtue. Stroke my inner goodness.’ And so on. But it will not provide a solution.”

The outrage, though, is best heard first-hand:


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