LISTEN: Top Chef Canada Host Mark McEwan Throws His Weight Behind Toronto’s Mega Casino Deal

Top Chef Canada Host Mark McEwan Endorses Toronto's Mega Casino Deal

Here’s some facts that you may not have known about Canada: first, they have their own, special Canadian version of Top Chef, hosted by the famous Mark McEwan, and so popular that it’s entering its third season. (How adorable!) Second, the country’s restaurant industry — in fact, the entire country itself — is currently in the middle of a mass debate…about casinos.

MGM is currently negotiating a $4 billion deal with developers to bring a mega-gambling complex into the city, and with that, according to McEwan, comes 10,000 new jobs — many of which are in the hospitality industry. McEwan himself will have a restaurant in the complex, and became the subject of intense criticism for his support. In an interview with the CBC, McEwan continued to defend his involvement with the controversial casino group.

MGM’s not paying me anything to be part of this conversation,” McEwan said during an appearance to promote the third season of Top Chef: Canada. “I view this type of investment as crucial for this city.”

To hear him respond to all the other criticism — he’ll be taking away patrons from Toronto restaurants! He’ll be throwing culinary talent into a hotel’s corporate structure! He’ll be skewing competition towards his casino-restaurantopolis! — as well as hear his thoughts on Top Chef: Canada, listen to the full interview below.

Edited for clarification.

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