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Forget Everything You Knew About Farm-to-Table: Hawaiian Restaurant Lets You Harvest Your Own Salad

That’s the Living Salad, which is basically a sustainable wood box that could substitute as a nice flower planter, filled with micro and baby greens. Well, OK then.

The Huffington Post shares this “freshest salad in the world” at Blue Dragon Restaurant; each salad comes with the box, “a pair of small scissors, a mini spray bottle of seasonal vinaigrette and an array of baby organic heirloom vegetables.” So really, you’re part gardener, part diner when eating it. And yes, your salad is fucking tricky to grow: each salad requires weeks, at the very least, as the leaves grow about one to two inches each week.

No word how much this Living Salad costs, but we can guess it’s pretty damn expensive. Can you at least take the box home?

[Huffington Post]

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