Woman Finds Lizard in Her Kale Salad, That Pret A Manger Frog Is Officially Passé

Salade Nicoise is about as 2013 as finding frogs in your Pret A Manger salad. Thus, New York’s Guy & Gallard really stepped up their high end fast food game when they outdid the Euro import by including a free lizard head and arm in a woman’s kale salad earlier this week.

Far more exotic than that lowly whole frog some woman found in her Pret nicoise salad last year, the Guy & Gallard lizard head had nestled itself into the kale salad a woman had delivered to her office for lunch. Much trendier.

“I turned it over and the gore was hanging out the back of the neck,” the lizard woman told ABC News, including the fun detail that its eyes were half-open. “I said, ‘Oh man. I have a lizard in my salad.'”

She had already eaten a quarter of the kale before discovering the reptile and seemed pretty unfazed, although she did refuse Guy & Gallard’s offer of a replacement salad. Management tossed the remainder of its greens for the day and promised that they’re looking into it. Meanwhile, we’re looking into never eating pre-made salad again.

[ABC News]

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