WATCH: Adorable Local Butcher Shop Documentary Will Make You Rethink Your Vegetarianism

To those of you who adopt vegetarianism as a lifestyle because you can’t bear to think about the inhumane way industrialized farming raises adorable animals: mad respect. But even we think this documentary from Thrash Lab (yes, the Ashton Kutcher-backed YouTube channel) about local butcher shops is heartwarming enough to flip a few veg-heads longing for a guilt-free steak.

It follows a few small butcher shops in San Francisco, all owned by bafflingly sincere San Francisco hipster types, as they discuss the craft of butchery, the importance of the small-farm-to-local-butcher-shop business model, and the simple pleasures of being bros with your neighborhood butcher as a consumer.

Check out the vid below.

[Huffington Post]

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