LOL: The ‘Noma East Village Walk-up’ Pop-Up Is 100 Percent Truth

Today’s LOL, brought to you by the New Yorker’s “Shouts and Murmurs” column: what it would be like if Rene Redzepi foraged in every food writer’s apartment a typical New York City studio apartment. (At least there’s tequila involved.)

We don’t know what’s more brilliant in this spoof — “apple, flossed three ways” (an apple paired with different flavors of floss), or the questionable “four-cheese souffle” involving a string cheese, a single slice of Kraft American cheese, cottage cheese and a mini-Baybel. And sorry, there is no “Hokkori pumpkin with cherry-wood oil and salted cherry blossoms.” We think we’ll live.

Think Redzepi is up to the challenge? We mean, it’s practically a tropical location, as has been suggested for Redzepi’s next pop-up — our apartment can get pretty tropical when we can’t figure out how to turn off the damn radiator. No snapping ants involved, as Redzepi just used in the Tokyo Noma pop-up, but any New Yorker knows just how more terrifying the inside of their refrigerator really is than the idea of eating a live insect.

[The New Yorker]

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