London Assembly Wants Olympics To Ban McDonald’s Sponsorship (And Restaurant)

Poor International Olympic Committee! All it wants to do is hold a really, really cool London Olympic Games, but everyone hates on their decisions! Like these bad logos, or, now, the London Assembly‘s recent call for a ban on fast food companies sponsoring the Olympics. And right after the IOC built the world’s largest McDonalds inside the Olympic Park, too. Can you say awkward?

“London won the right to host the 2012 Games with the promise to deliver a legacy of more active, healthier children across the world,” said Assembly Member Jenny Jones, who proposed the motion. “Yet the same International Olympic Committee that awarded the games to London persists in maintaining sponsorship deals with the purveyors of high calorie junk that contributes to the threat of an obesity epidemic.”

The UK is getting pretty close to an epidemic, too: according to the Telegraph, 60.8% of adults and 31.1% of children are overweight. But even though the London Olympics are supposed to be about the beautiful, graceful, and totally not fat athletes competing for excellence, McDonalds, a prominent sponsor for the Games, are opening the largest McDonalds restaurant in the world. The restaurant is only temporary, but the cholesterol in a Big Mac lasts a lifetime.

Even though the Assembly’s motion has no compulsory power (they’re sort of like a Congress for the Mayor of London), it has to be a tad awkward for the IOC.

[The Telegraph via HuffPost]

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