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London Butcher Sells ‘Fake’ Human Meat

Is there a thing with cannibalism lately? Because David Viens just got beat. Giving a whole new meaning to the term “artisan butchers,” a pop-up butcher shop in London’s Smithfield Market called Wesker and Sons is selling animal meat that has been meticulously sculpted to look like human flesh.

People on the interwebs are freaking out heavily over the psychotic butchers who created this display, though it’s a one-stop chop for all your bodily needs: prosciutto hands go for £5.99, feet sculpted from pork for £6.99, and sausage penises (penii?) for the low, low price of £1.99. (Technically, penises are offal.)

Also: there’s a big ol’ male torso hanging up there, in case you wanted to know the origin of your meat and where it was sourced from.

This would be so very disturbing if we didn’t know it was a stunt to promote Resident Evil 6but thankfully there are no twisted individuals who would do this for the heck of it.

(Should we feel better that it was a collective effort from a large corporation that came up with this stunt, just so that sites like ours would give them Resident Evil coverage? Which is the more sociopathic? You tell us.)

With this knowledge, the question remains: how many days until PETA turns this into an ad campaign?

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