Look At These Civil Rights Peeps in the WaPo’s Peeps Diorama Contest

Every year, the Washington Post holds a contest searching for the best Peeps diorama, and every year, they pick the biggest, fluffiest, wittiest, neon-est dioramas as their favorite.

But our inner history nerds really love this year’s winners: a black-and-white diorama of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech in front of the Washington Monument. Featuring 100 peeps, some molded from clay, and a lot of gray spray paint, the diorama easily won first place:

“We were looking for an iconic visual,” says Matthew McFeeley, who, along with friends Mary Clare Peate and Alex Baker, created the diorama with a view down the Mall. Incrementally smaller Peeps are molded from clay for the figures in the distance.

Is it weird that we still want to eat them, even though they’re covered in layers of toxic paint? Welp, we can dream (RIGHT, DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING?…okay, we’ll go.)


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