Taco Bell Sends ‘MasterChef’ Lorena Garcia To ‘The Wine Country Of Cilantro’

Did you know cilantro has a wine country? It does; it’s located in Santa Maria, California; and, apparently, it’s also where Taco Bell sources all of their cilantro from for their Cantina Bell menu. We wouldn’t have discovered any of this, of course, if Cantina Bell’s “MasterChef” spokesperson Lorena Garcia hadn’t demanded to see the source of Taco Bell’s ingredients.

They sent her, with cameras, to the misty pastures of what we will admit looks like the best-smelling place on earth. According to Gold Coast Harvesting’s General Manager Victor Tognazzini, his farm is “the wine country of cilantro.” Lorena also referred to the field as “heavenland.”

Should we bring up the MasterChef designation? Oh, let’s. Being a contestant on Top Chef: Masters makes you about as much of a MasterChef as winning MasterChef. Which is to say, not at all. Try again when you earn some Michelin stars, land on the World’s Best Restaurants list, or… own a restaurant?

Check out the cilantro field of dreams below.

[h/t Eater]

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