WATCH: Lorena Garcia And Patricia Yeo Brawl On Top Chef Masters

Last night’s Top Chef: Masters brought us the final six chefs duking it out in a single-team Restaurant Wars, after serving up sexy foods to Dita Von Teese in the Quickfire. For this week’s Elimination Challenge, chefs had to create a menu inspired by one of Las Vegas’ iconic Thai restaurants: Lotus of Siam.

On the whole, the chefs had trouble infusing their own personal styles into Thai cooking, but it was the restaurant chefs’ discomfort with Art Smith and Lorena Garcia cooking on a line that caused a heated catfight between the Venezuelan spitfire and Patricia Yeo.

Art and Lorena were assigned front of house duties by the overwhelming majority of restaurant chefs, which they had to swallow in the name of democracy. So we suppose Lorena was already cranky when Patricia snapped at her about how she couldn’t take up six burners on a twelve-burner range in the time leading up to service just to keep her soup warm. Pat-treee-see-ah (as Lorena pronounces it) had a point that her competitor should have moved her soup into hotel pans filled with hot water to keep it warm, but patience is wearing thin as the weeks go by in the Top Chef: Masters kitchen, and the spat resulted in an explosive moment.

Ultimately, Art was sent home for failing to represent either himself or Thailand in his crusted chicken dish. Everyone was the saddest to see him go, including us. Check out Patricia and Lorena’s brawl below.

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