Lucky Peach Gives Us … This Thing: Let’s Name It à la the Cronut

When you are Lucky Peach, you can do delightfully weird things on your Tumblr with zip explanation. You know, like a gif of a Lucky Peach-head riding a running hot dog … Or this “toned pig” … or a teaser to Friskies “limited edition 2014 flavors.” (That one’s kind of our favorite.) So then Lucky Peach gifts us this INSANE IMAGE of a pizza-hamburger hybrid and now of course we feel like we have to go Cronut on his ass and name him.

Our nominations, Lucky Peach:

1. Hamza
2. Pizurger
3. Burgza
4. Burza (We’re not getting creative enough here)
5. Zurger
6. Hampizza (That sounds like a ham pizza, huh?)
7. Burgerza

Burgerza wins. Also, whoever makes this into an actually delicious hybrid wins. It’s our hangover talking, but that sounds delicious right now.

[Lucky Peach] [Alan Shepherd Tumblr]

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