Ludo Lefebvre Keeps Promise, Actually Hires The Taste Contestant

Remember that culinary instructor from Chicago who quit her job to audition for The Taste, only to have zero mentors pick her for their teams, in spite of the fact that they all loved her food? (Tricky premise strikes again.) And then Ludo Lefebvre felt so guilty about her being jobless and screwed that he offered her a position in one of his restaurants, because she made such great food? Best news ever: Ludo actually hired her!

Sadly, the trope of reality show contestants winning competitions that promise them jobs, only to be ditched later, and have pointed out to them that it states explicitly in their contracts that no one is obligated to hire them, even if they do win, is all too popular. Both Todd English and Gordon Ramsay have flaked on offering jobs to chefs they chose to work for them on Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell and Hell’s Kitchen, respectively. Thank goodness Ludo has avoided this cabal of unethical dickery.

A week before The Taste premiered, he called up Renee Everett, that culinary instructor who was eliminated during auditions, and asked her to come do a three-day stage at his Trois Mec in Los Angeles before its opening. After her trial period, she got the job!

“I was completely shocked and surprised,” she told Huffington Post. “Did this actually happen to me?”

If that’s not enough to leave you firmly on Team Ludo, we don’t know what is.

Check out Renee’s audition below.

[Huffington Post]

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