WATCH: Chefs Ludo Lefebvre And Quinn Hatfield Stump Hell’s Kitchen Cheftestants With Their Recipes

Last night, Hell’s Kitchen made its triumphant post-Olympics return to TV, and while it probably wasn’t given a hero’s welcome, Gordon Ramsay did his best to spice up the episode with a couple of celebrity chefs. Foie anarchist Ludo Lefebvre and Michelin-starred Quinn Hatfield stopped by last night to issue the six remaining cheftestants a challenge.

In preparation for a round of Taste It, Now Make It, Gordon had the competitors taste Ludo and Quinn’s modern takes on classic dishes to try and identify some of the components. To be fair, the pair pulled off a rather elaborate looks-like-one-thing-tastes-like-something-else switcheroo on the chefs, but, still, NONE of the contestants could properly identify a single component on either dish.

Ludo served up a caprese salad made with red bell pepper instead of tomato, and feta mousse instead of the traditional buffalo mozzarella. Quinn made a seafood pasta, except instead of pasta, he used salsify. (None of the cheftestants succeeded at playing name that obscure root vegetable.)

However, the most heartwarming moment of the clip below is the split second where Gordon, Ludo, and Quinn are chumming around in the kitchen together. Check it out and pay close attention to catch Gordon’s rare, exuberant “love it!”

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