WATCH: Ludo Lefebvre Tries To Pronounce ‘Worcestershire,’ Other Tricksy English Words

Have you recovered yet from Jacquelyn politely excusing herself off set of The Taste to get a paper towel…never to be heard from again…? Good, because we have this previously unaired clip, which shall henceforth be known as “Ludo Lingo,” and it really needs to be the new water cooler buzz.

In it, Ludo Lefebvre gets stumped by legitimately confusing English words like “Worcestershire” and “psychiatrist.” It’s exceptionally cute, and the video comes from The Taste’s new companion app, available for iPhone and Android, which you can read more about, from Kinetic Content, after the clip below.

This clip via ‘The Taste’ app, an organic and continually new companion to the show that keeps you in touch with your favorite mentors, guests, contestants, dishes, and all the dishing that goes on off set! And, unlike other static apps, there is fresh content all the time, all for free. For iPhone | For Android

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