WATCH: The Ludo V. Malarkey Chest-Beating Begins On The Taste

The format of the day-to-day competition on ABC’s The Taste began taking shape last night, as the fully formed teams faced off in their inaugural challenge.

First, mentors guide the contestants through a “team challenge” — in last night’s case, cooking a comfort food dish for Gabrielle Hamilon — in which everyone cooks a spoon, and then the team (or, in narcissistic cases, just the mentor) decides which single competitor’s food to send up to the judge. The chef behind the winning spoon gets immunity from elimination, and then the mentors are booted out of the kitchen for the individual competition, so they can judge blind and send home the bottom spoons.

Malarkey quickly declared war upon Team Ludo, since he snatched up a bunch of the chefs Brian wanted to work with, and, as the two predominantly male teams, some barbarous savagery arose. Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson with their all-female teams looked on with an eyeroll, but if you really want to hear Brian’s freakish mangrowl and Ludo’s hardcore chef-scream, check out the clip below.

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