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Lunch Break! Here’s What You Missed This Morning


Happy Lunch Break! While you’re chowing down, here are some things you missed this morning:

New York Times

Jessica Biel: Actress, wife, mother, restaurateur? Apparently. She’s opening a place called Au Fudge in Los Angeles this month, which will be an all day family-friendly kid-friendly restaurant which will include both T-Shirt decorating and an open bar.


Danny Meyer is raising prices at Shake Shack :(. It’s not by a lot, but still.


Giada De Laurentiis wore a bikini and the world noticed. How is it that these chefs and professional eaters look so much better in bathing suits than we do?! In January, no less?

Vice Munchies

We knew pizza wasn’t the healthiest choice but now the boxes are coming for us too.

First We Feast

They interviewed DJ Khaled’s chef. “They” don’t want you to click this link.


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