Macaulay Culkin Is in a Pizza-Themed Velvet Underground Cover Band

At the risk of repeating ourselves:

Macaulay Culkin.
Is in a Velvet Underground cover band.
Whose songs are pizza-themed spoofs on the originals.

They call themselves The Pizza Underground.

The track list on their debut album is as follows:

  • “Papa John Says”
  • “I’m Beginning to Eat the Slice”
  • “Pizza”
  • “I’m Waiting for Delivery Man”
  • “Cheese Days”
  • “Pizza Day”
  • “All the Pizza Parties”
  • “Pizza Gal”
  • “Take a Bite of the Wild Slice”

You can have a listen below and name your price to buy the album here.

[The Pizza Underground h/t Twitter]

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