Roy Choi And Pascal Barbot Added To MAD Symposium Speakers

The MAD Symposium, Rene Redzepi’s intellectual brainchild wherein the most prominent voices in the food world discuss what kind of organisms we put into our bodies, has slowly been announcing its lineup for the 2013 conference. This morning, two very prominent, and very opposite chefs have bee added to the list of speakers: Pascal Barbot from the acclaimed Parisian restaurant L’Astrance, andRoy Choi of the grungy, LA-based Kogi empire.

What will they speak about, and who else is coming? MAD’s only released half of the speaker list and are keeping mum about the topics Choi and Barbot’s speeches will cover, but last year, Fergus Henderson, Ferran Adria, and Danny Bowien made appearances to speak about their respective culinary fields: nose-to-tail eating, fostering creativity, and having amazing hair.

At last year’s MAD conference crickets were handed out as snacks, which leads us to wonder: what strange earth creature will Rene Redzepi foist upon the masses this year? Speculate away, amateur biologists!


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