5 Things We Can’t Wait to See from MAD3

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The third annual MAD Symposium, a gathering of the most influential chefs and food thinkers in the world, wrapped up a few hours ago, and judging from the tweets flooding our feed, we should be extremely jealous that we weren’t there.

And we are, we really are — especially after finding these five amazing moments from the conference, which we won’t be able to experience until video gets uploaded onto MAD’s website. Which will take weeks. Which means that we have to wait forever until we see ten-year-old blogger Martha Payne’s talk on third-world hunger. (Fun fact, she spoke on the same day as controversial artist and penis aficionado David Choe, which must have been fun for her dad.)

Thanks to Twitter, we picked the five things we can’t wait to see from MAD3, and will use whatever limited power we have to lobby for footage of these talks.

MAD Symposium Poaches Eater Writer To Serve As Editor-In-Chief Of Its Blog
Prestigious MAD Symposium Invites Ten-Year-Old Blogger Martha Payne As A Speaker
Roy Choi And Pascal Barbot Added To MAD Symposium Speakers

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