Make Your Own Guinness-Coffee Concoction and Avoid the Starbucks Trial ‘Dark Barrel Latte’

News broke of yet another Starbucks experiment that could go really well or horribly wrong — meet the “Dark Barrel Latte,” a non-alcoholic version of a Guinness and coffee. (Or you can try it in a Frappuccino, reportedly.) But hey, here’s a novel thought — if you’re that desperate for a Guinness and coffee taste, make your own with a real stout beer. A novel thought!

It only takes a quick Google search to find a zillion Irish Coffee recipes, but we particularly like the Beer Chicks’ recipe for the Stout Coffee cocktail. It really is that easy to make, we promise. Leave Starbucks to its non-pumpkin Pumpkin Spice Lattes and what have you, and coffee and beer goodness with you know, some actual beer. (Why drink beer-flavored things when you can drink beer?)

[FWX, Youtube h/t Girls Beer Blog]

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