In Spite Of Cannibal Cop’s Conviction, Someone Still Got Cooked On Thanksgiving

(Photo: NBC7 San Diego)

If you thought the cannibal cop’s arrest and many subsequent bail denials meant Thanksgiving was going to pass with no major cannibal stories in the news, you are sadly mistaken. Another man, this one in California, is accused of murdering his 73-year-old, questionably mentally unstable wife and cooking her remains.

Police found dismembered body parts cooking on the stove-top of Frederick Hengl last week, after neighbors complained of strange smells coming from inside the home. They went on to find his wife’s severed head in the freezer, and Hengl sitting in a bar drinking a beer a few blocks away. (Police suspect he was home when they first entered, but snuck out and escaped to the bar.)

He pleaded not guilty to murder the day before Thanksgiving, but in perhaps what maybe the smallest shred of good news in this story, there was no evidence of any actual cannibalism at the scene.

The murder victim was often spotted by neighbors wandering the streets with a butcher knife in hand, while her husband was known to cross-dress.

[New York Daily News]

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