WATCH: Man Threatens To Murder Grant Achatz In Trailer For NEXT Kyoto

Okay, so apparently the theme of Grant Achatz’s new Next concept is not simply “Kyoto.” It’s Kill Grant: Vol. 2.

We don’t mean that just as a description to the revenge-flick, noir-ish, Quentin Tarantino vibe we got from this trailer and from the last one. We mean that this trailer lays out a narrative of a roaring rampage of revenge from a man named Takashi¬†who wants to kill every great chef in the world, and the stylistically distant wife telling the tale of chefs covered in barbecue sauce blood.. The very last chef on the kill list: Grant Achatz.

(Which raises the question: How did he manage to kill Gordon Ramsay?)

[h/t Eater]

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