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Man Seeking Woman for Guy Fieri Role Play: Morning Round Up

Good morning! We’re back. Here’s what’s happening on the internet this morning:


guy fieri

Some guy on Craigslist has a fantasy where he’s Guy Fieri, he goes into a diner, and the rest plays out like a porno where you spend the night in Flavortown. He’s looking for someone to role play with, and he’s spent a pile of cash redecorating his apartment to look like a diner for the occasion.

Chew Boom


The Burger King nugget-stealing hero who won the internet yesterday is just a prankster. He was transporting nuggets from one location to another and decided to see how far he could take it. Given the epic amount of coverage…pretty far.

First We Feast

mountain dew

Apparently, teenagers in Tennessee are now drinking gasoline mixed with their Mountain Dew. It’s a bad idea. If you didn’t know not to do that…um…don’t do that.

Grub Street

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