Next Iron Chef Winner Marc Forgione Opens American Cut In Altantic City

Marc Forgione may have risen to Iron Chef status via a competition show seeking to build one, but, truth be told, he’s culinary royalty. Papa Forgione is widely regarded as “The Godfather of American Cuisine.” So, it’s no surprise that his son’s latest venture American Cut in Atlantic City is an ode to the classic American steakhouse.

“I’m trying to bring the steakhouse back to its glory days. Most people don’t know this, but the first fine dining restaurants were actually steakhouses. I’m really trying to embrace the classic dishes such as Caesar salad and shrimp cocktail and bring them back to their origins,” Marc told The Village Voice.

Uh, wasn’t that a Mad Men-inspired Top Chef challenge once? To take the disgusting and cheesy party dishes of the ’50s and ’60s and reinterpret them for the cast of Mad Men? We’re pretty sure it was, and we’re pretty sure ambrosia salad is still cringe-worthy.

So what are some of Marc’s dos and don’ts when it comes to that great slab of meat, so revered by Americans, known as steak? Definitely no condiments allowed. Steak sauce is “only for the fries.” And the most underrated cut of them all? “The hanger steak,” he dishes. “I think pound for pound it’s the most flavorful steak.”

We’ll consider that a menu recommendation.

[The Village Voice]

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