Marc Forgione: Iron Chef And T-Shirt Designer?

Watch your back, Project Runway. Iron Chef Marc Forgione is coming for you. As a Long Island native who’s still pretty peeved that news reports of Hurricane Sandy damage to his hometown have fallen by the wayside, Marc teamed up with Island Bank (a food bank serving Long Island) to donate a portion of proceeds from a line of t-shirts he’s been working on to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

“Remember that as much as everyone thinks that life is back to normal, there are still a lot of people who can use some help,” he told The Daily Meal. “Just because it’s not on the news every day doesn’t mean that people aren’t struggling.”

The t-shirts weren’t initially intended to be used in conjunction with Sandy relief (he was going to use them to impress Tim Gunn, obvs), but he was happy to team up with Island Bank as his charity pick.

“We were already working on designing T-shirts in order to sell them for charity, so when the storm hit it was an easy decision to donate to Sandy relief,” he explained.

They’re actually pretty cool. You can check out his three designs below and purchase them here.

[The Daily Meal]

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