WATCH: Marcel Vigneron’s Naughty Kale Salad Technique Charms Sundance Goers

Marcel Vigneron closed out ChefDance at the Sundance Film Festival last week, and seemed very chummy with Tasted’s Mackenzie Wahl as he walked her and viewers at home through his four-course menu. Then again, maybe there’s just no non-filthy way for a man and a woman to toss a kale salad together.

Marcel aimed to cook homey, warm, comforting winter foods, so we’re mystified about why courses one and two were hamachi crudo and a kale salad, but braised short ribs and bread pudding make up for it, we suppose. Brace yourselves for the shock of the century: the salad was all the celebs’ favorite dish.

Marcel’s fool-proof, NSFW kale technique? “Be rough with it, squeeze it, choke it out a little. Yeah, toss that salad, girl.” …No amount of showers will wash away the feelings we’re feeling right now.

Check out the vid below.

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