WATCH: Marcus Samuelsson Wins Every Quickfire Ever, Making Three Dishes In Record Time On GMA

It’s hard to snark on Marcus Samuelsson’s Good Morning America appearance this morning, because as soon as we flexed our wordy commentary muscles, it was over. Aretha Franklin should pay Marcus Samuelsson thousands (minimum) for cooking segment lessons, because she could barely flip a shrimp over in a frying pan in her four minute Today Show demo, while Marcus turned out steaks and a corn salad, plus a refreshing watermelon cube iced tea, while managing to plug his memoir Yes Chef, as well as his own personal line of teas. And he did it all while wearing a bold red on camera. Is there anything Marcus Samuelsson can’t do? (Apparently not, since he also made it back from the Republican National Convention in Tampa last night to tape a crack-of-dawn cooking segment in New York. Okay, seriously, is Marcus Samuelsson a wizard? Show us your time-turner!)

Check out his tres charmant rapport with Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer below. A master at work, ladies and gentlemen.

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