Marcus Samuelsson Is Chilling With Arianna Huffington At…The GOP Convention?!

To most people, the above photo looks like it was taken at a swanky lounge that probably has well-manicured young men with perfect eyebrows wearing black shirts bringing you cocktails (and also, everyone there seems to be reading Yes, Chef).

But no, it is not. It is the Huffington Post’s Media Lounge, which Arianna Huffington purposely bills as a calming oasis during the midst of the high-octane pageantry of the Republican National Convention.

And Marcus Samuelsson is there, tweeting from Tampa and sitting down for an interview with Arianna for the Huffington Post, because an impending hurricane and proximity to the political party who virulently opposes most of who Samuelsson is and what he stands for, isn’t really such a big deal.

While they have an in-depth discussion about how American eating habits need to become healthier and more varied, we’re going to sit here, stunned, and think about how only Arianna Huffington could get proud Obama supporter Marcus Samuelsson to willingly visit the GOP Convention.


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