WATCH: Marcus Samuelsson Sneaks Truffle Oil Into His ‘Budget-Friendly’ Grits

Marcus Samuelsson appeared on Rachael Ray this morning to demo a deliciously autumnal wild mushroom and apple grits recipe, which both he and Rachael cheerfully, enthusiastically touted as a budget-friendly component to any meal. Grits were, after all, invented so that poor people could stretch out their meals, right? Of course! And by incorporating some abundant seasonal ingredients, you can make this totally updated little dish on the cheap, too!

Just stir in some bacon, mushrooms, apple, and parmesan, and you’ve got a super tasty, seasonal, affordable starter or brunch accompaniment to poached eggs. You can even serve it the next day fried up in fritter form. We got so excited about this awesome, inexpensive recipe (and we were so mind-blown in the demo when Marcus folded WHIPPED CREAM into the grits), that we looked up the recipe on Rachael Ray’s website right away to try out this weekend ourselves.
Then the world came to a screeching halt.

This super-smart budget-friendly meal-stretcher? Has truffle oil in it. Truffle oil that was conveniently left out of the ingredient list during the demo. You know what’s not budget-friendly? A $30 bottle of flavor.

Oh, Marcus, did you really have to prove Eddie Huang right?

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