Marcus Samuelsson To Cook a Sea Bass Dinner Atop Times Square Billboard

In what we can only imagine is a Top Chef Masters X-treme three-part special, Marcus Samuelsson is participating in a Mastercard dinner series that involves him creating a menu to be served on top of the H&M billboard in Times Square.

Diners shilling $50 a ticket can get a communal table slot for the nightly dinners from July 16 to August 2 with all proceeds benefitting Stand Up 2 Cancer. Said Marcus to The Daily Meal:

“I’ve had several people in my life diagnosed with cancer in the last few years so this issue really hits home…I thought it was a pretty clever idea to dine 25 feet above Times Square in the name of cancer research, and I’m looking forward to making a flavorful meal featuring the freshest and healthiest of ingredients.”

We’re really looking forward to a new temporary sheriff of Flavortown.

[The Daily Meal]

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