Marcus Samuelsson Sued Over $3M Harlem Townhouse

We guess we’d say “don’t s*** where you eat” to Marcus Samuelsson, but he may be learning that already.

The New York Post reports that Samuelsson’s former broker, Laurent Delly, is suing him for not paying up on the huge commission of the purchase of a $3 million townhouse in Harlem. Samuelsson and Delly reportedly found the Mount Morris property, located in East Harlem’s historical district and just steps away from Red Rooster, back in January 2013. Samuelsson paid full asking price for the 4-bedroom and bath, 4,650-square-foot pad, but neglected to pay Delly for helping him purchase the townhouse, the lawsuit states. Now, Delly is suing form $750,000, his share of the commission.

Said Delly to the Post:

“I don’t go to his restaurant anymore because he didn’t treat me with respect. I’m a businessman and I worked hard to make a buck so I deserve to be paid just like any citizen… It is a year now, and I haven’t gotten paid, and that’s wrong. That is a slap in my face.

“Who is Marcus Samuelsson for me to work for him free? You’ve got to be kidding me!”

Samuelsson’s lawyers say the lawsuit has no validity.

[New York Post]

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