WATCH: Marilyn Hagerty Reviews the Cronut for America

Do you, dear reader, live in the far off corners of The Great American West, thousands of miles away from New York City, and thus, a significant flight from the much-hyped cronut? First of all, we promise that you aren’t missing anything other than some cultural phenomenon surrounding really high-brow funnel cake. Second of all, Critic of the People Marilyn Hagerty is in town, plugging her new Bourdain-published-book Grand Forks: A History of American Dining in 128 Reviews on The Today Show, to review it with your sensibilities in mind!

Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie presented Hagerty with a ramen burger, a cronut, and a small pile of Bantam Bagels on the Plaza to get her esteemed opinion on New York’s hottest trend foodstuffs. Check out the clip below, if you’re in desperate need of some sincerity today.

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