WATCH: The First 10 Minutes Of Tonight’s Top Chef Seattle Quickfire With Marilyn Hagerty!

Bravo benevolently released a sneak preview of the first ten minutes of tonight’s Top Chef: Seattle, and our hearts just about exploded when we saw who walked out for the Quickfire Challenge with Padma Lakshmi — she’s the Pete Wells of Grand Forks, North Dakota: Marilyn Hagerty. You might remember Marilyn from such seminal restaurant reviews as The Olive Garden, her Anderson Cooper appearance, her book deal with Anthony Bourdain, or her 2012 Al Neuharth Excellence in Media Award

The cheftestants hearts did not explode, however, because none of them recognized her (“Is that Martha Stewart’s mother?”). Fools.

Marilyn was on hand to judge the chefs while they created sweet and savory holiday dishes (per her request — sweet and savory is her favorite), reflective of their family traditions, with only one knife to use amongst themselves. Ironically, the one-knife-only thing wasn’t the most difficult part of the challenge. It was that they had to use Truvia in a painfully shoehorned endorsement.

For their elimination challenge, chefs catered a cocktail party for Chris “Andy Dwyer” Pratt and his pregnant wife Anna “The House Bunny” Faris. More on that tomorrow! But in the meantime, you can check out the Quickfire below.

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