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Mario Batali and Others Join Spoontember Movement

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The Feeding America network of nationwide food banks has launched a social media campaign called Spoontember™ to coincide with Hunger Action Month. They’ve asked supporters to take “spoon selfies” to raise awareness of the (very troubling) hunger statistics in the United States. Currently, 1 in 6 Americans struggles with hunger issues.  

The instructions are pretty straightforward: Balance a spoon on your nose. Take a selfie. Post that selfie to your social media accounts. In the caption, challenge a friend and give a hunger-related statistic.

One caption suggestion, per Feeding America’s website:

I’m taking a spoon selfie to raise awareness for the 1 in 6 Americans struggling with hunger. I challenge (name) to join me! #Spoontember #HungerActionMonth @FeedingAmerica

So far, a few big-name chefs have gotten on board, including Mario Batali, who has a history of supporting hunger causes:


Here is Alton Brown, being very Alton Brown in his photo:



This isn’t a “name a winner” kind of a thing, but Andrew Zimmern wins:


It will be interesting to see how #Spoontember fairs in the wild west of social media, but great things can happen when you combine the people’s compassion with their lerve of photographing themselves.

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