Mario Batali And David Chang Contribute Beer Recipes To Dogfish Head Box Set

What goes together better than a six-pack of Dogfish Head, vinyl, and some beer-centric recipes from Mario Batali and David Chang (which we presume includes some awesome beer-battered fried chicken)? Absolutely, unequivocally NOTHING. Which is why Dogfish Head has released its new “house party in a box” called Positive Contact. In the party box, you’ll find six 750-ml champagne bottles filled with a party-friendly cider brew containing notes of wood-pressed Fuji apples, roasted farro, cayenne peppers, and fresh cilantro.

Also in the box is a 10-inch vinyl record from hip-hop producer Dan the Automator featuring 4 dub remixes off Deltron 3030‘s debut album. And, on that record sleeve, you’ll find beer-inspired recipes from Mario Batali and David Chang, among others.

Positive Contact Party Box can be yours for around $60, and you can check out the rest of the deets here. Fun fact: Esquire has already named it one of the best beers of 2012.

[Dogfish Head]

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