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Slate Busts Mario Batali’s Preposterous Cocktail Recipes

Have you ever read New York Times Magazine’s front-page booklet, The One Page Magazine? Have you ever noticed Mario Batali’s cocktail column entitled “What I’m Drinking”? Have you, upon reading those recipes, realized that his liquor proportions would kill a standard human?

Well, someone at Slate did, and proceeded to rate Batali’s attempt at drinks journalism on a scale of one-to-five crocs, which sounds familiar:

“If, measuring the poverty of Batali’s mixological judgment, we calibrate our scales to size up both the prominence of his platform and the brevity of his statements, we will see that he is clearly, word for word, the worst drinks writer in the United States. Some might call the column the worst thing that Batali has ever done, but that’s arguable. Is writing “What I’m Drinking” more morally reprehensible than stealing tips from waiters? Yes, probably. Is it more offensive than Batali’s preferred footwear? No, not quite.

A shaken Manhattan. Putting sugar in Pappy Van Winkle. A toast to Ernest Hemmingway that would kill Ernest Hemingway. This is what Mario Batali’s drinks column has to offer. You can check out Slate’s takedown in its entirety here.


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