Mario Batali On Gordon Ramsay And ‘Spotted Pig’-Gate: “Whatevs”

Everyone, calm down; there will be no major, transatlantic legal war between Mario Batali and Gordon Ramsay over the name “The Spotted Pig, which so happens to be the name of an award-winning restaurant owned by April Bloomfield and Batali. Though plenty of “Twitter Haters” got their feathers ruffled over what seemed like a blatant landgrab from the Ramsay empire, the Brit-ish chef told The Daily Mail earlier today that everything had been settled — and Batali seems to agree, saying that he didn’t think that Ramsay’s people registering “The Spotted Pig” as a potential restaurant name was “an intentional shot across the bow.”

“Listen,” he told Eater Vegas in an interview. “If someone called you and said, ‘We’re taking your driver’s license and we’re gong to make a poster out of it,’ you’d say, ‘Whatevs.'”

Admittedly, Batali shrugged, there are “a thousand other animals that they could have chosen besides the Spotted Pig. A striped minx, for example.” Batali continued:

“But that said, he’s doing the right thing and he’s going to give it back to them. However it slipped through. Whatever. It didn’t make him look great but if he did the right thing, which is what he’s doing, just letting them have it, then he’s cool…He didn’t intend to do it, I’m sure. I can only assume the best.”

[Eater Vegas]

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