WATCH: Mario Batali Helpfully Suggests His 14-Year-Old Son Leo For Jets Quarterback On Jimmy Fallon

Mario Batali stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, just before his family was scheduled to jet off to Michigan for the holidays. Amidst showing photos of the Batalis’ gorgeous Michigan lake house (East Coasters be jealous: they’ve got 14 inches of snow) and the pine tree they’re going to chop down this year, Mario and Jimmy fell upon the subject of sports.

Batali’s teenage sons Benno and Leo are experiencing the joys of sitting on the bench this year, since they’re among the youngest on their basketball team, and Jimmy pointed to Tim Tebow as a benched sportsman to look up to.

“Let me ask you this: are they getting rid of both Sanchez and Tebow? Like, why did we buy them?” Batali snarked.

“We should have a reality show,” Jimmy suggested. “Who’s Going To Be The Quarterback For The Jets?

“Maybe my son Leo could be the quarterback for The Jets. He couldn’t have done any worse than Sanchez.”

Oof. We’re awkward football conversationalists, ourselves, but even we sensed the gravity of that burn coming from a New York Jets fan.

Oh, and did we mention that Mario makes fettucini alfredo inside of a hollowed out wheel of parmesan deglazed with grappa? Because that happens. Check out both the interview and demo portions of Mario’s appearance below.

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