WATCH: Mario Batali Recounts His Revenge On ‘Heinous D*ckhead’ Marco Pierre White

Awwwwwww. The best thing about Eric Ripert’s new web series On The Table  is not just the Famous Celebrity Chef Friends he brings on the show (and Mario Batali is the textbook definition of Famous Celebrity Chef, what with his golf classics with ex -presidents and all), it’s also watching Ripert learn new things about his friends and their work that he didn’t know before.

For instance: back when Batali was a young, impetuous chef, he spent some time working in the kitchens of the angry, then-unknown Marco Pierre White. (“Well, he was famous to me. but he was famous as a dickhead.”) While Batali managed to struggle through a few months with the “heinous dickhead,” he quit right after White threw a pan of hot risotto at his chest for not meeting his exacting standards.

“It was more of an emotional burn,” he assured a concerned Ripert. “I went to the back. I may have shed a tear. And then I took two big handfuls of salt and I took it over to the mother sauce, and I stirred it in, and then walked out.”

Damn, check out the giant gnocchi on that Batali feller.

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