WATCH: Clinton Kelly Rescues Mario Batali And Michael Symon’s Awkward Birthday

Mario Batali and Michael Symon celebrated their birthdays on today’s episode of The Chew with some killer-looking roast chicken and linguine with clams, but what’s a birthday without a party? Luckily for them, Clinton Kelly took advantage of their special day to illustrate the biggest birthday party faux pas in his “From the Mind of Clinton Kelly” segment.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with how the segment works: the hosts all take part in a little role play, and then a Clinton voiceover comes on with mocking commentary whenever someone does something embarrassing. So polite they are over on The Chew! Clinton then finds his voice to explain to the audience how to avoid common blunders and offers helpful alternatives.

The most awkward moments from Mario and Michael’s party? Daphne Oz delivering a “meat bouquet,” when the invitation clearly stated “No Gifts”; Michael talking about overly heavy topics like his strange itch and his sorrow over the fact that his hairplugs didn’t take; and uncomfortably sexy party surprises like forced games of spin the bottle and a penis cake.

Check out the clip below to watch how Clinton made over Mario and Michael’s massively awkward, terrible pretend birthday party! (Also, happy birthday to both, and to Jimmy Fallon, with whom they will allegedly be partying later tonight.)

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