WATCH: Where Mario Batali Is Going For Christmas Dinner, We Don’t Need Dishes

Mario Batali made an appearance on Good Morning America’s 12 Days of Cooking Countdown (Josh Elliott pointed out that he was their partridge in a pear tree; Batali conceded that it was better than being two french hens) to demo a mushroom ragu and polenta dish with — caution! — a totally mind-blowing presentation.

Batali admitted while making his polenta that the difference between the Italian cornmeal dish and grits was “about $20.” Easy way to jack up the price another $10 without giving your dishwashers extra work? Pull a Grant Achatz and just dump it out on the table to serve.

Instead of plating individual portions, Mario poured the whole pot of polenta right onto his cutting board, spooned some ragu over it, and then let the anchors dig in chips-and-dip family style. Whoa. Wheel = reinvented.

Check out the clip below.

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