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WATCH: Mark Bittman Makes Jokes While Matt Lauer Downplays Global Warming

New York Times food writer Mark Bittman stopped by The Today Show this morning to show us all the fun things we could do with stone fruits this summer, while Matt Lauer cheerfully reminded us that peaches, nectarines, cherries, mangoes, plums, and apricots have all ripened early this year thanks to “the mild spring.”

Which like, can we please stop putting a positive media spin on global warming, Matthew? We’re all about to die. The apocalypse is not a time to celebrate seasonal produce coming early. (Yes, my irrational anxiety about global warming melting the ice caps and drowning Lower Manhattan is pretty much my #1 neurosis, but come on, how unnerving was last winter and its lack of…being a season?)

Whatever. Go rent some disaster movies and make chutney for your End Of The World Party. Mark Bittman teaches you how below.

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