WATCH: Natalie Morales’ Dog Ambushes Mark Bittman’s Bacon Segment On Today

“Get creative in the kitchen with versatile bacon” sounds like a Grindr bio, but it’s actually just the title of an ill-planned Today Show segment with Mark Bittman, in which he encouraged us go ahead and spend the extra few dollars on organic, humanely raised, local bacon, since it’s all going to get more expensive in the coming year, anyway.

Why ill-planned, you may ask? Well, it’s probably not the savviest production move to have a bacon segment on the same day you have a “Bring Your Halloween Costumed Dogs To Work” segment for the anchors.

Natalie Morales’ pup Zara, who was dressed as a very cute bumble bee, may we add, totally ambushed Mark in the middle of hawking pasta alla gricia. Tongue wagging, she excitedly trotted straight over to the bacon-strewn set before a crew member grabbed her by the leash and lead her out of shot (the dog, that is; not Natalie). But, of course, by that point it had become A Thing, and Al Roker couldn’t stop laughing, so the cameras tracked the dog, anyway. Needless to say, she becomes very confused by how the bacon got into the monitor and why she can’t get it out of there (still the dog). We ask ourselves the same thing on a regular basis, Zara. No shame.

Check out the clip below.

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