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WATCH: Mark Bittman Tells Everyone At The Today Show To Chillax

Mark Bittman is probably one of the chillest chefs we’ve ever seen in action. Everything is “oh, whatever you want,” “there are no rules,” “whatever you think is delicious, guys.” IT’S NOT THAT EASY, MARK, WITH IN-LAWS BREATHING DOWN YOUR NECK. …Or is it? Behold, some more easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy summer grilling tips from Mark.

He stopped by The Today Show this morning to demo the joys of making kebabs on the grill for Matt Lauer and the gang . Apparently, kids and grownups love food on sticks! (…We kind of resent how dumb The Today Show makes us non-pro-chefs seem.) The anchors quizzed the expert with all their pertinent grilling concerns and he basically just told everyone to relax.

“You have to just sort of assume it’s going to work,” he dryly replies to the slew of Nervous Kitchen Nellies from whom he’s fielding questions. Check out the clip below.

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