Mark Bittman Nails Why the Word ‘Foodie’ Is So Infuriating in New York Times Op-Ed

We hate the word “foodie.” The entirety of our Twitter feed hates the word “foodie.” If you read this website, you probably also hate the word “foodie.” (If you read this website casually, the identifier “#foodie” is probably in your Instagram bio.)

Which is why Mark Bittman’s New York Times op-ed on why the word “foodie” is so cringe-inducing is like sweet manna from heaven. Writes Mark:

As it stands, many self-described foodies are new-style epicures. And there’s nothing destructive about watching competitive cooking shows, doing “anything” to get a table at the trendy restaurant, scouring the web for single-estate farro, or devoting oneself to finding the best food truck. The problem arises when it stops there.

We can’t ask everyone who likes eating — which, given enough time and an adequate income, includes everyone I’ve ever met — to become a food activist. But to increase the consciousness levels of well-intentioned foodies, it might be useful to sketch out what “caring about good food” means, and to try to move “foodie” to a place where it refers to someone who gets beyond fun to pay attention to how food is produced and the impact it has.

…Okay, but really, can’t we ask everyone who likes eating to become a food activist? Whyyy?

While we whine about the world’s inadequacies, you can read Mark’s column in its entirety here.

[New York Times]

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