WATCH: Mark Bittman Attempts To Inspire America To Make Tater Tots From Scratch, Bless His Heart

Tater tots: delicious. No one will ever argue that. A little drizzle of truffle oil if you want to be fancy about it? Great. However, popping frozen tater tots in the oven is a perfectly satisfying means of consumption. Do we really have to make them from scratch? Mark Bittman is here to make us feel bad about ourselves if we don’t.

He stopped by The Today Show this morning to demo the completely labor-intensive and unnecessary process behind transforming a raw potato into a fried, grated, crispy love nugget. Bonus hilarity: Savannah Guthrie taking a conspicuous, generous step back from the mandolin as Mark slices. We’re pretty sure it can’t cut you if you aren’t touching it, but knowing Savannah’s depth of culinary skill, we wouldn’t put it past her.

Check out the clip below.

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