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Video Flashback Friday: Martha Stewart and Hillary Clinton Talk First Lady Tablescapes in 2000

Today, we hardly think of former Secretary of State and current Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton as a First Lady, which is precisely why this milquetoast video flashback of she and Martha Stewart discussing White House decoration, social life, menus, and tableware back in her FLOTUS days is so amusing.

It was a simpler time: Martha hadn’t been to jail yet; no one knew what a text was, and her trail as glass-ceiling smashing warrior queen with great hair had yet to be blazed.

Also, no seriously, HRC discussing how her First Lady legacy was redecorating The Blue Room, The East Room, and The Dining Room with such gay frivolity is hilarious.

Check out the clip below for some pre-vegan snapshots of Billiam, plus Martha’s best scandalized face at the “uncivilized” practices of the British, and the “embarrassing” state of the White House when Truman decided to renovate in the 1940s.

Bonus girltalk! A best-dressed First Lady portrait rundown of Dolly Madison’s empire-waisted frock.



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